my noble ambitions

September 21, 2007

There’s something rather valiant about waking up in th wee hours of the morning with divine intentions to finish up your maths tutorial. Its so valiant it’s almost depressing. Unfortunately, my noble efforts are stopped short by my lack of mathematical intelligence. I swear I have no idea what half of the questions mean, what more what I am to do with them.

I am going home today. Thank God its Friday.


2 Responses to “my noble ambitions”

  1. Zuzu said

    TGIF!!!! you could have just called moi…. LOL but then again, i don’t pick up my hp in the wee hours… hehe

  2. far said

    alah. buat penat ajer buat! dia tak sempat go through pun kat class. wth!!! sekali2 nak step rajin tak menjadi at all laaaaaaaaa…

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