my snuffugles

September 22, 2007

Tuition. Johor. Dunkin donuts. Baju hari raya. Shopping. Seafood. Rara. Liza. Ipod.

Today sounds so much fun! It’s been the longest time. I freaking deserve this. 

Have a good Saturday everyone. Spread the love.

: )



12 Responses to “my snuffugles”

  1. Liza said

    I cannot finish my Dunkin. Btw, i dun want to eat ever anymore. Evah!Hahahaha. Ok have a good weekend dear. Take care;)

  2. Liza said

    When you go JB again to buy DVDs, pls tell me! I just finished watching 2 dvds…really loved them movies. And good quality pulak!

  3. far said

    i watched two episodes of gg already! yeay! i wonder if i will ever haf time in my entire lifetime to watch the remaining 42 episodes.

    ill make it up to you another day makcik. dah tua buat hal dah tua. matang la sikit. hur3.

  4. Liza said

    Dah cukup matang. Tapi kadang2 kerinduan zaman silam. Thanks for the birthday song. And for being present for all of my 13 years of birthdays. And forgetting it for one of those years. (hahahaha)

  5. far said

    mengukit mengukit!

  6. Liza said

    Excerpt from a convo with a friend, who’s a teacher, “Ocean of Noise” being myself.

    Never Enough… says:
    basically gal
    Never Enough… says:
    i m sick of work
    Never Enough… says:
    i m sick of my studentz sick222 to the core
    Ocean of Noise says:
    Ocean of Noise says:
    i can understand
    Ocean of Noise says:
    i know.
    Ocean of Noise says:
    i’m so sorry that it’s got to this
    Never Enough… says:
    2dae wat happened
    Never Enough… says:
    i jus holed myself up in the loo n cried myself silly
    Never Enough… says:
    i neva thot i wud reach dis point
    Ocean of Noise says:
    Ocean of Noise says:
    OH MY GOD.

  7. Liza said

    Get ready fanna. Get very very ready.

  8. zuzu said

    hmmm… i beg to differ…. i am a teacher myself… pri sch though…. we, pri sch teachers are not that stressed to the point tt we holed ourselves in the toilet and cry…. the young kids are not soooo bad la…. they are still mouldable…. hati mesti cekal i feel… passion must be there too… just my two cents worth…

  9. far said

    oh. come. on. sarah gets stressed up over work to the point of insanity. YOU fret about work and whine incessantly about the loads of unnecessary reports you have to do. that does not discount how much you love your work does it. it just means that along with every freaking job comes truckloads of shit we all have to endure because that’s just life. accept it. i have joined the dark side. n im investing the next 4 yrs of my life into it despite it all. i know it will suck. but doesnt work/life suck most times?

    and oooooooh. thank you for the warning. i so-didnt-see-it-coming laaaaaaaaa.

  10. Liza said

    I didn’t say i love my job. Hahahaha. I don’t!!!

  11. Liza said

    And my friend’s in a secondary school and deals with difficult unmotivated students. It’s tough for her lah. Must cekal la eh? But if got no mood, no mood la eh? Ok, 4 years. wow. 4 years.stay forever young dudes!!

  12. zuzu said

    well… nothing’s easy in life… some people have it bad, some people have it a little bit easier… the bottom line is to have faith… hehehe u must also LOVE what you are doing… if you’re not, get out of it asap…. hehehehe

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