I is randomigalizationess

October 2, 2007

Pretty days come and go. Then the wretched, execrable, detestable, abominable, migraine-inducing, jam-packed shite, tension-charged week looms over, decide to prolong their stay and apply for permanent citizenship. Apart from the four giantess assignments, two quizzes and one presentation, that is due next week, the continuous battle for sufficient sleep and the struggle to not stray beyond the line of sanity, life has been rather kind. Or has it?

I had plenty scoops of ice-cream over the weekend. I got addicted to the tub of maple rhapsody I bought which was just sinfully delightful, and felicitous.

I super-love Hey There Delilah. If there’s an award for the ever-so-sweetest-boyfriend-must-give-or-sing-for-girlfriend-song, this has to be it. Listen to the lyrics. It’s so ‘aww-that’s-so-sweeeeeeet’!

I embarked on my English assignment with Celina today and it was so unbelievably enoyable. I really doubt I say much of that when it comes to assignments, so it was definitely a first. It reminded my very much of the Discourse Analysis module in NUS and the freedom to actually be truthful with your analysis so long as its justifiable on grounds of realism and practicality is so liberating (as opposed to the definitive proving questions in maths which I either get wrong, or very wrong).  

Oh. I’m having a sudden, apparent revived obsession with Roald Dahl. Despite only reading Matilda and The Great Glass Elevator, I insist on being a great admirer of his work. I wished I had inculcated a greater sense of reading habit when I was younger and had expanded my scope of books to include his (I vividly remembered being such an avid reader of Enid-Blyton I was disappointed to learn that elves, gnomes and their family of friends were just fiction of imaginations). So yes. My current read would be the BFG. And it is so interesting that despite being the slightly too mature a reader for this genre of literature, I still find the book hilarious and witty all the same. There’s a certain level of intelligent crap in his book that I think is comprehensible and relate-able across all spectrum of readers, and I think that makes him the great author that he is. Brilliant. I is a human bean and I is loving him. :P Read it people. Read it.

My brother’s room has turned into quite a mating cell and a rather active breeding ground for hamsters it seems. From two to nine to fifteen. My adult hamsters, Mimi and Kiki gave birth again to six nude pink thingamajiggies. We should start an online hamster selling business. Visa and mastercard accepted.

I have not gotten a baju kurung for Hari Raya and Sal has been pressuring me about it. “Eh. Kau tak stress ke masih belum beli baju raya?” Hmm. The superficialities I have to deal with. Haha.

I love all of my NIE friends. They have been the kindest, rawkiest people to be around and to work with. Everybody’s been ever so-thoughtful and caring and crazy all in one, it just feels so right. Woo!hoo!

: )


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