pseudo sane; pseudo conscious

October 8, 2007

I have received numerous comments from friends and colleagues about my pseudo weight loss. I really can’t tell if people were just being sympathetic towards my harsh-working-non-stop-tests/assignments-environment that they have resorted to throwing heap loads of bullshites just to make me happy, or what; but people, I urge you to stop toying with my fats. No, contrary to popular belief, or just the increasing widespread vision problems all of you seem to be suffering simultaneously, I have not lost any weight despite the fasting. But thank you for saying that I look small even when I’m wearing white. That pretty white dress is currently my official favourite. : )

Me and my roomates are totally down with the whole festive season; assignments or no assignments.

Everybody now! Berlalu lah sudah ramaaaadhan, sebulan berpuasaaaaaaaa..

THAT, people; THAT is THE hari raya song of all freaking time.

 : )



3 Responses to “pseudo sane; pseudo conscious”

  1. Liza said

    I think they need new prescription, definitely.

  2. far said


  3. Liza said

    PUH LEEEZE. eh i also got rave comments i lost weight tau! amiiin. naik turun tangga flat has paid off. reeeaaallly paid off. nak puasa enam lah!make it another month lah!hahahahah.


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