after tommorrow

November 4, 2007

After tommorow, I will be free again. There will be no more maths until january next year, and other than money and time, I swear I will not have anything to do with maths  for the next month or so.

After tommorow, the world will be a better better place.

Did I say maths sucks?


2 Responses to “after tommorrow”

  1. alteraqueen said

    Glad u’re back=)

    Call me up sometime. We’ll hang. Can we hang at yer bunk;)?

  2. far said

    eh crap. i realised i did not call u back the other day about your bump against my favourite mp. i fell aleep and then when i wake up, which was hours later, i thought it was a bit basi to still be enthusiastic about it. but yes. i am still jealous. next game biler? ajak ah.

    can. can bunk in. i got one last paper next tues. hold on till then hor. yes. that was for me too.

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