and the aliens have landed!

November 18, 2007

1. My library books are so freaking way over the milky way overdue.

2. I spent the afternoon watching a Tamil movie with my dad over Vasantham. Haha. Haven’t done that in a loooooooooooong time; the dancing, singing, crying, and the dush-dush-fights-with-sound-effect-on-every-move-dush-dush.

3. I feel like kerang (without attempting to sound like adli). I felt like kerang since weeks ago but everytime me and rara make a trip down to East Coast, the one and only place that sells kerang that I eat; its always already sold out. Crap right. Order more kerang la abang

4. Oh. I watched Radin Mas on Suria with my parents last Friday (yes, I have been redeeming my tv time, you can see) three things happened. (1) Me and my mum spent every fight scene trying to spot my uncle who, apparently was an active ‘extra’ in the old days (and my mum insisted that she actually did see him in the flashing 2 seconds of the movie, and! and! he was wearing biege!! biege?! it was a black and white film!! bleargh!) (2) We had roaring, thundering laughter (oops, pun intended) when the evil queen was suddenly punished for her evil deeds in plain good-triumph-over-evil-fashion; struck by lightning! I mean, seriously! come! on! She was freaking indoors la!! (3) I’m having a growing fetish for Mustapha Ma’arof (if that’s even his name la). I know! Kill me, but that now old and senior citizen of an actor was once a dashing, charismatic young man: the Milo-Ventimiglia-aka-Peter-Petreli-of-the-Malay-movies, the Ashraf-Sinclair-of-the-past. I wish I was born in the age of black and white. With him around, who needs pink?

5. I think I haven’t brush my teeth yet. :P





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