puteri bumi kenyalang. [herk.]

November 28, 2007

The art of karmafication is a wonder. I vividly remember taunting my friends whenever their names are songed; of course it gets better the weirder or crappier the song is. I’ve heard nadia and lizawati on songs, and no offence my friends, but what the hell?!

So well, as it turned out, I got my hell. As much as I’m awed at the prospect that some bugger actually took a liking enough to my name to be using it in a song, I’m even more yucked at the atrocity and the monstrosity of the freaking song, and singers alike. Hah. I think if there’s any waking moment in my parents life that they ever, ever regretted naming me, it would be about 3 days ago, when my mum had to bear the most gruelling 5 minutes of her life watching the supposed hard-core rockers long-hair-and-unkempt-looks included, shrilling and shouting to the song, titled yours truly. Haha. The look on her face displayed no less than that of absolute fortitude.

Anyhow, its been a long weekend, but a wonderful one nonetheless. (Part of the act of procastination is to be talking about the weekend when its already mid week.) Nani and jabs are finally wedded; and as always, weddings are such beautiful affairs. The downside of attending weddings is that you get bombarded with questions of your own wedding, which, in my case or in most of our cases is not that near in the future. So, stop asking.


Congratulations to the two of you and may you live in eternal bliss and happiness!



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