time chase

December 10, 2007

Apparently I have trust issues: so I’d figure the safest way is to do everything myself, which is great! except there’s so many shows to watch on tv and so many movies on dvds to see and so many shoes and clothes to shop for I haven’t entirely been completely dedicated to the preparation for the 22nd. Then suddenly I realised there are little days left to get everything together but its still such a bummer because my most efficient source for decision-making, that is my mum, is working the night shift so she’s practically a sleeping beauty most times she’s home and rara’s been unable to take his leave from work for work reasons. Bleargh. 

Anyhow we celebrated the Miss-fit-Sarah’s birthday last Friday. Merry times over dinner and games.

To Sarah: Here’s wishing you a complete process of bimbofication and pinkism. We sure hope your hearing will not deteriorate with age (that would make bitching with you slightly challenged and I honestly do not think that having ears popping out of your tudung would do good in attracting potential husbands regardless how sensual the ears are as organs), nor do your sight (yes, we still want to hitch a ride in your big super car and we do not want to lose taboo just because you saw a cat instead of a cot). So come let’s hug (yeah, intimacy: priceless) and to many beautiful y-ears of misfit love!




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