rain falling on my window pane

December 11, 2007

I hate to remind myself of my health deficiency but truth is I have been having flu the past two weeks and even then it seems the flow of phlegm is unceasing. I’ve passed the disease to my dad now who grudgingly insist I am the number one ill-inducing-source in the house; a sad but valid fact I’d have to swallow.

I hung out with rara and his friend (who’s apparently married to his bike) Hus, for dinner at simpang yesterday. How attached a guy can be to his moving machinery I cannot comprehend, and will always remain a less than charming mystery to me. Over a delectable hot plate of grilled chicken and mushroom sauce and kerang, we made a mockery of my outwardly and ostensibly lack of geographical knowledge, which in my defence is justifiable on grounds that I’m not much of a traveller (I’m born maladjusted to culture shock and environmental and dietry adjustments- change:baaaaaaaaad) and that for much of my academic years, I had always been on the side of history in the great humanities-subject divide (clearly TKGS had a system of splitting the historians from the geograh-ites/geologist(?)). The rounds of ridiculing went on for a while before the subject matter detoured from my intelligence to my face because as it is many of rara’s friends find me to be rather grim (which is unfounded since they met me for hmmm, only 5 secs and it was dark at night!). I was fortunate to not be the only girlfriend there because then we shifted our attention to the other girlfriend: hus’ bike. Oh. boy.




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