December 16, 2007




One Response to “today”

  1. jaleen said

    i was thinking of major ways to get pictures of the engagement on my blog, and lazy me as always or blame it on the fact that i dont do too well with technology, havent had the wisdom to start getting the camcorder video saved on me laptop and blah blah blah you get the gist, i dont have pictures for my blog.
    so i thought and thought and came up with the NOVEL idea of maybe ‘stealing’ pictures from your blog (this, not knowing if your blog even existed anymore and not even remembering the addy lah)… then my brilliant mind went to my now defunct friendster, and i searched for your page to get your blog address.
    and why? in my hope to steal pictures from yours.
    SKALI, you also havent updated the pictures. so there goes my very novel but tak manjadi idea.
    anyway. there you go. im here cos i wanted to steal pictures. at least im a truthful robber.
    Happy Engagement once again, as you should have heard from Ajeeb our side was very politically clashing in more than 1 way!!! hehe. i have since vowed I will not tunang, and will just wed straightaway.

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