a million butterflies and one

December 25, 2007

It was more than just these …

And it’s definitely more than just these …

No. Even this didn’t quite cut it (Although.this.I.simply.adore.)

It’s about you and me. It’s about the realisation of the near future. It’s about the dreams and hopes that’s all yours and mine.

Exchanged. Engaged.


: )




10 Responses to “a million butterflies and one”

  1. jaleen said

    ohhhhhh you are uploading them now lah!!!!!!!!!

  2. jaleen said

    you’re missing something, this photoframe didnt have the dollar notes that I and Mummy spent like 15minutes fighting over how to place them in the frame. and I dont even think I won, cos i gave up with Mummy after 3 minutes. LOL

  3. jaleen said

    oh and i know 1 more thing thats missing!
    the Dior bag that we rushedly went to look for 1 day before the tunang lah!!! and Ajeeb, being Ajeeb (and male, of course) didnt even remember the place where he saw it previously so we spent some time looking around town with the parents on the phone rushing us to get back to help with the house.
    not to mention the fact that I was surprised I didnt go crazy with BOTH ajeeb and eta out with me at the same time.

  4. jaleen said

    I’m stealing your photos for my blog!. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  5. zuzu said

    simply gorgeous….. :P the gubahan and of course YOU!!!!! so happy for u…..

  6. far said

    thanx zu! i’ll show u the rest of the pics as soon as i get them from farin! ( :

  7. syed(na)diah said

    gotta add my B’s name in front cos u’ve got a fren by the exact same name as mine. hehe!
    well stunning princess… so happy for u… rara is sure a LUCKY guy!

  8. far said

    haha. i dun like the make up actually. and well, we all know i sucked at pretentious posing and taking pictures. ha!ha!

  9. far said

    to my darling phuture sister in law. as it turned out, wordpress has accidentally spammed ALL your comments and I almost missed every single one of them until one minute ago. haha. kentals. but dun worry. you have been de-spammed. ( :

    you’re welcome to steal anythg u want from here. and anythg from ajib as well. ( :

  10. jaleen said

    yes, spam me dear wordpress how KIND. lol.
    and yes, i’ve stolen most of your pictures here for my blog, clever me. and thank YOU!
    I loike the pictures, especially the gubahan ones you have had time to take…. thank god (knowing the kecoh-ness of the family politics at my place it was a miracle I even got my baju kebaya on that day lah, annoyances tsk!)
    I won’t steal anything from ajeeb cos he stinks. and he’s never good with picture blogging. HAH.

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