divide and conquer

December 27, 2007

In my entire adult life, I’ve never believed that engagement is a requisite. However, having gone through one of my own, it turned out to be such a blast, and I am honestly so touched with all the unfaltering help that all my bibiks, waks and uncles put in. I really have never seen them been put to work so much I actually felt bad, but what the hell, I’m supposed to be the prin.cess mah.


He wanted to be creative with the lights. Futile.

Our self-appointed pak andam in the house.

My mum knew rara loves chicken.

Specially designed diamond ring for rara.

Finishing touches to the room.

Tempat kuih: my mum’s pride and joy.

Manning the food outside.

Generous servings for …

these cute makcik-makcik. ( :





4 Responses to “divide and conquer”

  1. jaleen said

    he doesnt only Love chicken, sometimes i think he worships them. hah. my e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d family even knows his love for chicken how embarassing!
    can you do me a favour and ask him to go lose some weight now so he doesnt look like a dark-skinned Shrek on the pelamin on his wedding day?? must start now, so he can maintain in throughout the year because he puts on weight too easily.
    i was in the car earlier and as he was walking towards it, he looks so besar okay. so scary. like bapak anak 3 already. tsk.
    i need to slip some diet pills or some diet juice into his chicken wings from now on.

  2. jaleen said

    but that said, if he doesn’t see have any problems with his weight, it must show that he must be really confident and happy with his life at the moment, and no sister would ever want to change that would she?
    so maybe just for the wedding day.
    i need YOUR help to make him want to lose weight for your wedding day. and you’ve got 1 year to achieve this, plenty of time, no need to fret!!
    AND after that, he will be a free man with no sister constantly keeping check on his weight and his favourite sinful foods, i promise lah!

  3. far said

    HA!HA!HA! I used to think I’m capable of making him lose weight but then again! the joy of eating (especially chicken: fried, grilled and barbequed) is too good to pass! late night at simpangs and Hawa has only brought us closer. HA!HA! but i will, dun worry, pasal nanti kalau tak amik gambar dalam frame ader dia sorang jer. can.not fit me. HA!HA! If he reads this I’m SO de.ad.

  4. jaleen said

    that’s funny. I was picturing wedding shots with a full HIM and only half of you in. HAHA. so kesian right if like that!!!
    I need to curfew you BOTH to latenight-less Hawa and Simpang.
    tsk, tsk.

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