give it a moment

December 28, 2007

Here’s a little reality check. My exam results were out couple of weeks back and unforrtunately I did NOT ace everything like I badly wanted to, and despite a personal assurance from my professor that I did well for her module, I did NOT. Gosh. People’s perceptions can be so twisted. 

Then on Hari Raya Iduladha, my darling Kiki passed away. I went to check on him, who was already at that point developing tumours on his ears and chin, and found him lying so peacefully unconscious in his favourite sleeping place, huddled amongst the fluffy cotton wool meant to keep him warm, and of course, nothing short of the theatrics, the takbir was in recitation in the background. It was very very heartwrenching. We will all miss you Kiki.

Timetable for next semester is out and I hope its already finalised because I’m so loving it the way it is. Oh yeah.

The girls have decided to celebrate the New Year together this time round and I have dutifully and gladly volunteered to be part of the planning committee under the very capable (?) hands of our very own Mr. Syfl. Haha. That sounds really fun.




2 Responses to “give it a moment”

  1. zuzu said

    u mean r.dh.a.’s bf gg to plan the gathering? wow! tt’s the first… hee

  2. far said

    it was aaaaaaa.ll his brilliant idea. i think he wants membership into the group. hmm. :P

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