for me. for i need reminders.

December 29, 2007


In light of busy days ahead, I’ve decided to get to doing this right now.

In 2007 I took a risky plunge into teaching by leaving Mercu: and there is very little data available to help me predict where THAT would go. I love kids so being around them is a blast, AL.THOUGH when you have to do it on a daily basis, sometimes you can’t help but want to gorge down their eyeballs, wrench their necks and pull their throats out. (Kid.ding. [(not!)]) I’m one marked by excessive sensitivity and highly inclined to impulsive mood changes (, I admit, and what teaching and learning teaching has taught me is that if I can’t possibly stand hyper-activity, organized chaos and massive non-conformity, I’m as good as dead. It’s my good fortune that I have seen and be moved by tutors and professors in NIE who exudes so much passion in teaching; people to whom teaching is second nature. From them you watch and you not only learn but are inspired by. Patience and fervor simultaneously becomes learn-able. And I think I’ve mellowed down so much from the drama-mama years of my life (yearly numerical age increment and the slight plausibility of maturity is a very likely contributing factor as well). And yes, while I look forward to a new semester of school in NIE, I’m equally enthused over the eventual teaching career that hopefully would bring a whole different meaning to ‘working’.

I’m thankful for wonderful still-standing relationships: friends (new and old and oldest; deranged, loony or just plain annoying), family (despite the quirks and the dysfunctionalities, you are all my haven) and of course, my fiance (woo!hoo! that’s a first!) for his unfaltering preparedness to cry and sing and laugh and eat! with me anytime. anywhere.

We look to the new year with much-determined resolution(s) and the will to renew and restart ourselves on cleaner, unblemished slate.


I want to be a better person: every sense of the word (and that is so easily said than done) and the way that its done, let it be between me and God.

There’s so much happening next year.

New ties.

New hopes.

New dreams.

: )



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