nothing better

January 1, 2008

There is nothing better than to spend the New Year watching back to back episodes of Gilmore Girls with a bag of jelly beans.  Nothing better. And now that I’m back from sending rara a pot-full of hot, spicy macaroni at his workplace, I can go back to my remaining 21 episodes.

Oh. yeah.

: )


3 Responses to “nothing better”

  1. jaleen said

    SOOOOOOOO thats what my brother was prowling around KIPMART jb for.. your gilmore girls!! lol. he must’ve gone to like a dozen shops in search for it lah cos they didnt sell it at the one we always went to!
    and…. WHY am i at work already???? I want to go back!!

  2. far said

    haha.i heard about your dvd rampage!i thot HE buys a lot of them.maybe that’s in the genes too.(?)heh.

    dun worry.we r countg down the days to your return ever after.promise. : )

  3. jaleen said

    truth be told I am, myself, counting the seconds, minutes, hours, days and nights to my return, and as such am not doing ANY work at all since im busy counting.
    have you made Ajeeb lose any pounds yet???
    i guess not with your macaroni which he soooooo likes right!!!
    double tsk.

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