feelings i adore

January 6, 2008

Thank you farin and fadly for the beautiful pictures.

: )






9 Responses to “feelings i adore”

  1. wildstorm said


  2. zuzu said

    arrrrrrghhhh! wish i was there too! no thnks to the tooopid stomach flu…. :(

  3. far said

    wildstorm: thank you. : )

    zuzu: yah lah u! nvm i’ll show u the rest of the pics soon beb.

  4. Lizawati said

    Waaaah. Very lawa. U look really good and not at all like Nani now in these pics when I see them again…..in person that day u looked so much like Nani.And hello? I am not in the group pic w brown b/g la! Annoyingnye…inilah kes cabut engagement siang.

  5. far said

    oh.sungguh!u could have just stayed with my makcik-but-i-guess-she’s-more-like-your-friend-delivering-you-bunga-rampai-especially-to-your-office-desk but no.u decided to leave.

  6. Lizawati said

    hahahaha. sorry la girly. faham2 sahaja lah. do u noe i was yawning like madness cos i had nothing to do/help? hey babe, happy for you=) wow, we are fast growing up.

  7. Lizawati said

    eh. Indonesia(Jakarta/Bandung/Yogyakarta) June 2008- u me and our mothers? hows that…?hehehee

  8. far said

    hmm.tough.by then i’m making my transition into a proper school so prob difficult.

  9. Lizawati said

    ah ok ok..understood. well, we’ll see;)

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