when the world stops

January 19, 2008

Nothing like a near-death experience to jolt the shite out of you and remind you of the worth of the people so damn close to you. It takes just one news to throw you off your course and just completely stops the world in its track.

Thursday morning, my dad was admitted to MICU for heart attack.


I swear. It wasn’t just his heart. It was all of ours. 




2 Responses to “when the world stops”

  1. Lizawati said

    for me, it just took my mother to have really high fever abt 4 years back. everything stalled, i was so worried.

    hope daddy’s doing better.

  2. jaleen said

    hey you,
    heard about your dad from me Mom, sorry, and I hope his feeling much better now?
    lots of doa’s insyallah everything will be just fine.
    you be taking care now.

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