of us all.

February 16, 2008

The six weeks left of NIE is now down to one: the passing of unceasing assignments and presentations, reflections and lesson plans has all culminated to this inevitable ending. I will so miss everbody in NIE, the good, the bad and the ugly. I will miss the late night resident Mcdonald delivery guy, the heaploads of laundry, the cheap and good canteen food, the muses of hostel life, the bitching of school life, and everything else along or not, those lines.

3 more assignments. 1 more week. Then its do or die.

: )



3 Responses to “of us all.”

  1. Liza said


    hey i went to jakarta and came back alrady! went there for a concert!BJORK!!!! which was SO DE STUPENDOUS LOOOOR.

    Anyways, when wan to go out??? u so busy la deeeey!

  2. far said

    wah lau.ke jakarta (as my adik would say) tak ajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! NOT like i wld have had the time to go whats with my busy life as a trainee teacher, moulding the future of our generation and all but wow. tak bilang pun! da!syaaaaaat!

    we will go out. soon. dunno wen yet. but hopefully at least once before your bday. hah.

  3. Liza said

    ah der! i asked u out also i wana tell waaaat. wanted to gush to you my excitement abt it alllll……~~~

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