i live on the high.

March 11, 2008

Work has been stupendously crazy beyond proportion. Despite the one week break, I do not foresee any time for a deserving breather, in view of my first ever impending observation next week and the myriad of wedding and engagement festivities that is lined up over the weekend. Then there’s the perfectly timed NIE assignment due midweek, the way overdue research transcription that I know my professor is oh-so-screaming for, the whirlwind of mess that my room is in from the moving out of the hostel room which, really, is impossibly making me lose sight of my own flooring. My little cousin, surprisingly, wants tuition every single day, and because he’s too cute I can’t turn him down so he’s occupying almost my every morning.

I still have nothing to wear for Saturday, and no matching headress for what I’m supposed to be wearing on Sunday.

Caffeine is so my life support.



One Response to “i live on the high.”

  1. Liza said

    hey babe!!! ah its been crazy for you eh….? past two weeks or so was tough on me too. hey hang in there. what doesn’t break you makes you stronger!!!

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