when i’m done, you will know.

March 25, 2008

Oh my. Oh my. What happened to time?

I still can’t find the ability to break loose from the gripping amount of work, I’m almost beginning to lose myself in it. There has been so much going on that I want to cherish and savour, but every single time, I am sucked back into the whirlpool of work that begs the attention of my every being.

Zu + Hisham, congratulations on your new found bliss.

Zanns, may you and Isk reach yours soon.

Kak Julia, welcome to our family. : )

Penang people, gosh I sure wish you are all still here.

My darling Rara, Happy Happy Happy Belated Birthday. (You so deserve so much more than just a dinner and at one of the ‘bestest’ diner yet. I owe you. Promise!)


Urgh. Back to work now.



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