an act of charity :)

April 2, 2008

I was assigned relief duty yesterday afternoon in the last period to a P1 class, and as we all do know, by that time of the day, we are barely dragging our heels into the staffroom yearning for the cool, calm, comfort our workspace has got to offer. Anyhow, there I was, armed with a storybook in hand, hoping that the thirty-minutes would zzzooooom past by the time the pages flipped to its last; and fortunately it did.

Just as the girls were returning to their seats to pack their bags, two of them came to me.

Girl A: Miss Farhanna, she wants to hug you. (Points to Girl B)

Me: (Puzzled and almost certain sense of hearing is deteriorating) She wants to what?… You want to what?  

Girl B: Can I hug you?

Me: You want to hug me?

Girl B: (Nods head).

Me: Why do you want to hug me?

Girl B: Because I love you.

Me: (Baffled, didn’t want to disappoint girls and could use a good hug after a long and tiring day) Ok, if that’s what you want.

Girl A and B: (Hugs Miss Farhanna).

Adorable hor. : )